Happy New Year!

Posted By admin on January 6, 2016

Hello friends
We want to wish you and yours a healthy and happy new year. We’re hoping 2016 will be incredible for everyone.
In the near future, we are looking forward to new releases by the now legendary Beast In The Field, as well as Detroit heavy indie upstarts Reverend. You can expect new vinyl and cds from both.
As always, get in touch if you have any questions regarding releases, ordering, horoscopes, and general love advice.
Stay tuned for all the news that’s fit to type, and we promise to update the hell out the website and Facebook page.
Thanks to all of you bought something, went to a show, made a flyer, shared your music with friends, or said something nice about us or our bands. We appreciate you and everything you do- you’re all a part of this, and we love you. Thanks for being awesome.
Love, SHG.

On vacation this weekend.

Posted By admin on May 19, 2015

Hello friends-
We’ll be heading out to Maryland Death Fest in Baltimore this weekend for a much needed break. We just wanted to let you know that if you place an order between now and Tuesday, May 26, it will ship either Wednesday or Thursday. We appreciate the continued support and wish you a fantastic holiday weekend. We love you!
Thanks friends.
<3 SHG.

Posted By admin on May 1, 2015

Hello friends
Many apologies for the sparse updates. We have officially received the masters and thus begun the wrecking ball rolling toward the long awaited Hellmouth/Beast In The Field Split 7″. We’ll be whipping up 500 of these monsters, half on black and half on some dark, evil, other-wordly color. The split will feature two rippers from Hellmouth and an absolute burner from Beast In The Field. We’re not sure about a specific release date yet, but we will definitely let you know when preorders come around. We will certainly have some preorder goodies available when the time arrives.
Thanks friends.
<3 SHG.

Happy New Year!

Posted By admin on January 1, 2015

Happy New Year everyone!
Just a quick note- we’ve posted the second pressing of Beast In The Field’s The Sacred Above The Sacred Below 2xLP. This pressing is available in white or black vinyl. There are still copies of the first pressing that are available as well- those come in translucent green.
The second pressing of Beast In The Field’s Goat Isle Seance LP is also available in brown or black vinyl.
And of course, copies of the first pressing of Temple Of Void’s Of Terror And The Supernatural 2xLP are still available, in both yellow and black vinyl.
Be safe, and have a great holiday season!
<3 SHG.

Happy Holidays Everyone!

Posted By admin on December 23, 2014

Hey there friends.
We at Saw Her Ghost just wanted to wish all of you a happy holiday season. It’s been a wild and busy year for us, and next year looks to be just as crazy.
We also wanted to let you know that both black and yellow versions of the Temple Of Void Of Terror And The Supernatural 2xLP are still available. Keep in mind that this is the original pressing and we only printed 300 copies in total- 200 yellow and 100 black. We still have a few of each left!
We also will be posting the 2nd pressing of the Beast In The Field The Sacred Above The Sacred Below 2xLP. From this pressing, you will be able to choose either white or black vinyl. There are still a few copies of the translucent green available as well.
This next year will see the release of new and old releases by Beast In The Field, Hellmouth, and Sun Myth, amongst many others.
Please keep in mind that we here at SHG will be away from the headquarters from December 26 through January 3. You are more than welcome to order at any time in that span, but orders placed between those dates will not ship until the week of Monday January 5.
Thank you so much for all of your orders, support, and enthusiasm throughout 2014. We love you all.

Temple Of Void preorder is over!

Posted By admin on October 21, 2014

The preorder for Temple Of Void Of Terror And The Supernatural 2xLP is over. If you preordered just the records, they will ship this week. If you preordered the records and shirt, those will be printed this week and will ship late next week. If you would like to purchase the records now, you can do so by clicking on STORE, and then VINYL. Thanks to everyone for your support!
<3 SHG

TEMPLE OF VOID ‘Of Terror And The Supernatural’ 2xLP PREORDER

Posted By admin on September 14, 2014




Welcome to the TEMPLE OF VOID 2xLP preorder! We couldn’t imagine containing this scathing debut offering on only one record, so we put it on two. This Detroit fivesome features ex/current members of Hellmouth, Acid Witch, Knife, and Feisty Cadavers. 2 LPs comprise 50+ minutes of blistering death seared doom. ‘Of Terror And The Supernatural’ is as frightening as it is ominous.
We’re pressing 300 copies- 100 on black vinyl, 200 on yellow. Preorders will include a yellow copy, unless you prefer black, that’s fine of course. As usual, we have a few different packages available, including a preorder-only exclusive t-shirt (front and back pictured above). You’ll be able to preorder the 2xLP package by itself at a discount, or with the exclusive t-shirt. We also have a limited number of test press packages that will be signed by the band. We are looking at a late October official release. As always, all prices include postage.
Knock yourself out!
Thanks friends.



Posted By admin on July 27, 2014

Hello Friends
Preorders for the Live CD/COMIC BOOK are done! Thanks for participating. If you didn’t get a chance, this will be available here at the website on August 12 for $12 postage paid. The CD, recorded at WIDR in Kalamazoo, Michigan, comes in a dvd case and is accompanied by a 12 page comic book by Decibel/Metal Hammer illustrator Mark Rudolph.
It’s rad, trust us.
Preorders for Temple Of Void ‘Of Terror And The Supernatural’ LP will be coming very soon! Keep your eyes peeled.
<3 SHG.


Posted By admin on July 7, 2014


It’s here! Beast In The Field The Astral Path To Satan’s Throne LIVE CD & COMIC BOOK!
We assure you, it is worth the wait. Beast’s scorching set recorded at WIDR in Kalamazoo, Michigan captures the sizzle and electricity that they’re live shows always deliver. Perfectly accompanying this white-hot live recording is a 12 page comic book, created by famed Decibel and Metal Hammer Magazine illustrator Mark Rudolph. Rudolph takes us on a spaced out journey through heaven and hell with the guys from the band, further adding to his legendary repertoire of work. The CD and COMIC BOOK come in a tall DVD case and are sure to please your aesthetic cravings. We are shooting for a mid August official release. There are a couple different preorder options- just the CD/COMIC BOOK at a discount, or the CD/COMIC BOOK and a preorder-only, exclusive t-shirt featuring the guys.
Click HERE to preorder!
<3 SHG

Vacation’s all we ever wanted. So we got it.

Posted By admin on June 30, 2014

Hello friends!
We are blowin’ this pop stand for the week. We’ll be back Monday, July 7 for business as usual. Feel free to order anytime from now until then, but just remember that your order will not ship until Monday, July 7. We appreciate all of your business, support, and love!
We have some projects that are nearing fruition, and we are getting super psyched. The Firebird Band 7″/CDEP, Sun Myth 2xLP, Temple Of Void LP, and the long awaited Beast In The Field live CD/COMIC BOOK are all in the last legs of the race. There will be tons of information regarding all of those in the next few weeks. It’s been all quiet on the Saw Her Ghost front, but that’s not going to last much longer. The second half of 2014 is going to be insanely busy and we cannot wait. Thanks friends!
<3 SHG.