Crash Course
Saw Her Ghost Records is thrilled to welcome Rocky Top shoegaze brooders, Lacing. Their album Bummer is a sweeping, swirling series of waves- complete with dark hooks and trembling discordance. Ethereal, floating vocals compliment icy clean guitar lines that shift to fuzzy distortion. Their path ultimately descends into riffs the size of gritty, mammoth castle walls. At once, delicate, and in due time after, a unique heaviness shrouds all that was built before it. Blue, moody, uneasy, yet simultaneously comforting and redemptive- Let Bummer transport you to another emotional dimension, or it may just burrough down and bury you where you lie.

Chattanooga, Tennessee


Familiar Sounds
Nothing, Swervedriver, Smashing Pumpkins, Hum

Ex-members of Rough Rope

SHG Discography
Bummer CD (2017)(COMING SOON)


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