Crash Course
Here and gone in a flash, these six dudes made a killer epic record and then cashed in their chips. Churning out mega-ton riff after riff, they took the ambient doom genre down the road less travelled. Concentrating on said riffs, SC separated themselves from the myriad of psychedelic noodling that floods the scene with monster truck guitars and an overall sound that could be mildly put as crushing. Bridging influences of their favorite stoner bands as well as their top trance-like steamrollers, Supercontinent destroyed nay-sayers with their plodding but smart opuses. Oh yeah, and did we mention- HEAVY.

Ann Arbor, Michigan


Familiar Sounds
Baroness, Crowbar, Mouth Of The Architect, Isis

Ex-members of The Black Dahlia Murder, Incisor / Current members of Nightkin

SHG Discography
Vaalbara CD (2008)


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