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Resurrecting and perfecting a sound that came and went with bands like Botch, Coalesce, and Deadguy, combined with the technicality and heaviness of early Mastodon, the atmospherics of Isis, and the grittiness that comes from living and playing in Detroit, the Nain Rouge are the very definition of heavy music. Drop-B tuning adds a layer of heaviness that most bands can’t match, added to a surprising ability to bring melody to their brand of mathematical chaos. Explosive off-time rhythms, dynamic syncopation, and the most guttural dual vocals you’ll ever encounter put the Nain Rouge in a class of heaviness all their own. If you didn’t see them live when they were around, you totally missed out.

Detroit, Michigan


Familiar Sounds
Botch, Mastodon, Harkonen, The Jesus Lizard, Kylesa

Ex-members of Mean Mother, Biddy’s Love Monkey, Naked Lunch, Stab Stab Die, Lost Coves

SHG Discography
The Self Defeatist CD (2010)
Live At The Belmont CDR (2008)
Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night CDEP (2006)


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