From now to then.

Touch Of North America
Touch Of North America CD
SHG 29

Released August 2013

Description Coming Soon.

Beast In The Field
The Sacred Above
The Sacred Below
SHG 32

Released March 2013

Description Coming Soon.

Lost Coves/Rough Rope
Split LP
SHG 30

Released December 2012

Description Coming Soon.

Beast In The Field
Goat Isle Seance LP
SHG 13

Released August 2012

Description Coming Soon.

Nurse Ratched
Nurse Ratched CD
SHG 28

Released June 2011

Description Coming Soon.

Saw Her Ghost Records
Sampler Volume 6
Released May 2011

Description Coming Soon.

Lost Coves
Bookends CDEP
SHG 27
Released March 2011

Description Coming Soon.

Beast In The Field
Lucifer, Bearer Of Light LP
SHG 26
Released April 2011

Description Coming Soon.

Beast In The Field
Lucifer, Bearer Of Light CD
SHG 26
Released January 2011

Description Coming Soon.

Mean Mother
Rock N Roll Shakedown CD

SHG 25
Released December 2010

Description Coming Soon.

Beast In The Field
World Ending 2xLP

SHG 23
Released December 2010

Description Coming Soon.

Lost Coves
Lost Coves CDEP

SHG 24
Released September 2010

Description Coming Soon.

The Nain Rouge
The Self Defeatist CD

SHG 19
Released August 2010

Description Coming Soon.

Mean Mother
Rock N Roll Shakedown CD

SHG 25
Released June 2010

Description Coming Soon.

Saw Her Ghost Records
Sampler Volume 5 CD

Released March 2010

Description Coming Soon.

Beast In The Field
World Ending CD

SHG 23
Released February 2010

Description Coming Soon.

Hellas Mounds
New Heaven New Earth CDEP

SHG 21
Released February 2010

Description Coming Soon.

Tragedy CDEP
SHG 20
Released August 2009

Although we were super excited about the Brothers 7-inch, we definitely wanted to do a CD companion. This was Brothers brand new short and sweet EP, five tunes clocking in at around nine minutes. We made unique artwork from both versions of the 7-inch, and wanted to do something else as well- so we had the disc printed on a clear-edged fan disc, the same style as the split CDEP by And The Sky Went Red and Signs Of Collapse. Brothers had grown from a band who originally decided to play occasional local shows and not much else to a band who was planning U.S. tours and opening for really big acts, so we decided to arm them with some great looking releases. With the following they’ve developed, the release was a great success.

Tragedy 7-INCH
SHG 20
Released June 2009

The Brothers Tragedy record was an idea that hatched not too long after their debut CD was released. It had been quite a while since the Battlefields LP and I was excited to do some vinyl again. Assault Records from Germany released the vinyl version of Black Friday, and they wanted in from the beginning this time. So we agreed to co-release it. We decided to make 500 copies and split them up, so there would be a North American version and a European version. Both had their own artwork as well, and were each hand-numbered out of their respective 250 copies. They were manufactured with white vinyl, and looked super sharp. The North American version of the artwork is what is pictured at left.

The Nain Rouge
Live At The Belmont CDR
SHG 19.5
Released October 2008

One of my favorite bands of all time, The Nain Rouge, decided to end their eight year career late in the summer of 2008. Ben was moving to Tennessee and instead of trying to replace the irreplaceable, the guys decided to call it a day. Their newest full length CD was already in the process of being recorded with Keith from Today I Wait. The guys booked a weekend of shows on Halloween and declared those to be the final shows that they would play. We tried like hell to get the CD done for that weekend, but after a while it was all too obvious that it just wasn’t going to happen. We were disappointed because we wanted to have something new for everyone who came out to those last shows since it had been almost three years since their last proper release. I remembered a few CDRs that Ben had given me a while before that had some different Nain Rouge live shows on them, and I remember one specifically that sounded great. I asked the guys if we would do a limited CDR of the show for that weekend and they loved the idea. Jamie (Beast In The Field) designed the six panel insert, and we used white top CDRs and had a special rubber stamp made to brand each disc. All of the inserts were hand-numbered out of 313 copies- 313 being Detroit’s area code. We also placed $2 off coupons in each one that went toward the upcoming full length CD. The final shows were a success and so were our hand made live CDs.

Beast In The Field
Lechuguilla CD
SHG 18
Released January 2009

Beast In The Field had been working on a single expansive piece of music for a while. The demo version that they recorded in Jordan’s basement actually sounded phenomenal, but they knew they wanted to take their time with the final product. Inspired by the Lechuguilla cave in Mexico, the guys crafted a stoner doom concept record about the historic and mysterious place. They mapped out the piece at about 31 minutes. Jordan’s dad had written an accordian part for the beginning and end of the piece, and Jordan recorded it with his mobile four-track in Milwaukee and brought it back to the studio in Michigan. The guys also recorded a two track Spanish guitar piece to fit between the accordian and the main piece. Jordan recorded one take on guitar, and then another just to compare. The engineer mistakenly played back both of them simultaneously, but we all decided that it sounded way too cool to not put them together. Once they made that decision final, the guys set up and recorded the main piece, spanning a little over a half hour, live and in one take. They didn’t overdub anything and it sounded bigger than anything else they had ever done. It was almost perfect except that in the days between recording and mixing, the studio’s hard drive crashed and the entire album was lost. Luckily Jordan had made one copy and that’s what they used to master and send to the plant. It ended up containing over 37 minutes of continuous music, tracked into six distinct movements. It was truly epic, sounded fantastic, and we were all very excited.

Vaalbara CD
SHG 17
Released September 2008

Supercontinent’s original claim to fame of course was that it was the new project by Dave Lock from The Black Dahlia Murder. That’s right about where the similarities between the two end. Supercontinent’s methodical, stoner, riff-heavy sound was a far cry from BDM’s European influenced death metal. The SC guys entertained a few offers from some well established labels, but ultimately stayed home here at Saw Her Ghost. Apparently we could do some of the things the others guys couldn’t, or just didn’t want to- namely with artwork and packaging. Dave (guitar) and Justin (drums) did all of the photography and art themselves, while Chris (guitar) took that and laid everything out. We printed five unique covers for the album, all on eight panel fold out posters as booklets. There were 200 of each, and all were hand-numbered out of each group that was designated by a letter. The tray card was also one third the height of a normal one to show the bold colors on the disc face. The completed package was very striking and we were all very proud of it. The music wasn’t too shabby either- all 60 plus minutes were recorded at Adam’s (electronics) studio in Chicago and the final product was mastered by Scott Hull of Pig Destroyer. It was a fantastic record all the way around. Sadly, they threw in the towel shortly after the CDs release. Another one bites the dust.

Trendshitter CDEP
SHG 16
Released August 2008

Ann Arbor, Michigan has never been much of a metal town, but it managed to produce one hell of riff machine in Incisor. The tree town trio was originally planning on doing a split with their friends Idol And The Whip and having it ready for their proposed East Coast tour together. As plans often do, these ones were broken, as Idol And The Whip weren’t quite ready for all that was in the works. So Incisor’s half of the split was expanded into 28 minutes in the form of their own CDEP. Keith from Today I Wait recorded the album in his basement studio. The stars and dials were aligned and they came away with one of the better sounding records in the label’s history. Of course things are easier when there’s just guitar, bass and drums. Unfortunately, the guys called it quits and this was there only release.

Empires / Hellas Mounds
Split CD
SHG 15
Released July 2008

Phoenix, Arizona’s Hellas Mounds had been chatting with me for a while about working together. They sent a copy of their self released demo and I loved it. They had also been talking about working with Empires on some sort of collaboration, so it seemed natural to do a split. Both bands were working on material that varied greatly from their previous efforts. Empires was doing more off time things as well as incorporating a black metal feel into their sound. Hellas Mounds totally blew the roof off to create an extremely colorful and vibrant work, fleshing out their influences like Isis, Mogwai, and Godspeed You Black Emperor. Empires contributed two songs that together reached over sixteen minutes, while Hellas Mounds’ single song stretched to almost eighteen minutes. Jim from Empires did all of the artwork and created a beautiful eight panel fold out poster for the booklet.

Across Tundras
Western Sky Ride CD
SHG 14
Released March 2008

Once again, Rusty from Battlefields had told me that he knew of a band that was looking for a new label and that we should get in touch with them. Across Tundras was a great band who had released their last CD on Crucial Blast Records but was looking for a fresh start. Tanner had been in Examination Of The…, whom I loved, so this was very exciting. We originally discussed releasing a double LP of their new project, and had settled on that for a while. But as talks progressed, we agreed to do the CD version instead. The guys recorded Western Sky Ride themselves, and then we had Scott Hull, of Pig Destroyer fame, master it for us. The band was a self described mixture of Neil Young and Black Sabbath which was right on the money. The CD sounded great and came packaged with a four panel booklet that contained 9 separate photo and lyric cards. The CD was critically acclaimed, earning rave reviews in Decibel, Lambgoat, and many other mags and webzines.

Beast In The Field
Goat Isle Seance CD
SHG 13
Released September 2007

The massive metal engine that was And The Sky Went was finally beginning to slow down and Jamie and Jordan decided it was the perfect time to get their long-talked-about project Beast In The Field off the ground. ATSWR unofficially had ended and the guys started practicing immediately. Jamie asked me if they could release something by Beast In The Field on SHG- I of course said yes without hearing a note. Just call it a hunch. Their very first practice produced a recording and so did many others soon after that. Within a couple months, they had the majority of what would be their first album done. The band began in May and by September, Goat Isle Seance was released. They had a release show at Rubbles in Mt. Pleasant which was great except for the fact that they were promptly banned due to the excessive volume they produced while playing. I guess four amps and ten cabs tend to be loud. Couple all that gear with the unwillingness to turn down when asked and well, you get banned. Adding Satanic insult to inner-ear injury, we decided to make 666 copies of the CD, package them in eight gauge vinyl gatefold sleeves, and hand-number every one of them. Even Jordan’s dad, Rick, played piano on the recording. It was a fantastic debut.

Black Friday CD
SHG 12
Released August 2007

Oddly enough, Brothers was the next progression, as far as bands go, for Dave and Tim from Two Stars Burning Sun. They joined forces with Troy and Joel Otte, twin brothers who owned their own studio in Grand Rapids. They played in Remember When, and Joel did time on the road with Comeback Kid. This style of music was a departure from anything I’d ever released, but there was still something about it that was irresistible. It was traditional hardcore at its finest, but there was a melodic flare that was the perfect ingredient to make it something truly different. Tim’s guitar influence was unmistakable over Troy’s classic ‘core riffs. The CDs looked fabulous and arrived a mere 48 hours before the CD release show at Skelletones in Grand Rapids. The show was packed and was a giant success. This band that the guys started just to have fun was steadily becoming a force to be reckoned with.

Saw Her Ghost Records
Sampler Volume 4 CD
Released July 2008

The fourth volume of SHG samplers absolutely begged to be subject to a parody of the iconic Black Sabbath Vol. 4 album cover. So to fulfill the obvious prophecy, I had Jamie whip up a Saw Her Ghost version and it was great. Cliche or unoriginal, I did not care- it was perfect. We filled the inside of the four panel folder with nothing but quotes by members of Black Sabbath from a giant, mostly photographic history of the band. Taken in context or out, there were some real gems. This turned out to be a very different collection of music due to the addition of a few new bands, and a couple that strayed from the typical Saw Her Ghost fare. This sampler featured debut appearances by Across Tundras, Incisor, Supercontinent, and Hellas Mounds. This marked a notable shift in style, both with the label and the heavy indie scene in general. The sampler also featured tracks by two female artists, Margaret Lane and Ida’s Rope (Chantal from Indrid). Those two, as well as Detroit’s Fall, were featured but neither the ladies nor the dudes in Fall ended up working with Saw Her Ghost in an official capacity (yet). The best is yet to come.

Through Trial & Tribulation Comes Triumph CD
SHG 11
Released July 2007

The word about Empires came to me via Rusty from Battlefields. He mentioned that Empires were friends of theirs and were having some issues with another label and possibly needed some help. These guys were some of the nicest I’d dealt with, and after checking out the recording they had just made, I was all in. Jim from the band did all of the artwork and it was a nice contrast to everything else on the label, with pastels that still somehow looked dark and mysterious. These guys seemed to already have a built in following in spite of the fact that this was their first official release. I remember the first couple of weeks that it was available online, and how I was shipping copies to what seemed like almost every continent. They were deserving, as this CD really turned out wonderful, both sonically and visually.

Saw Her Ghost Records
Sampler Volume 3.1 CD
Released June 2007

This sampler was simply a way to include our newest band, Minneapolis’ Empires. We agreed to work together almost immediately after we finalized the layout and lineup for the Volume 3 Sampler. At the rate was releasing samplers, it might have been another year before we could have included them, so we decided to do Volume 3.1. Of course we couldn’t just add them to the existing artwork or anything remotely simple like that- Jamie went ahead and designed an entirely new layout, and even changed the format as well. This new version was a sort of hand crafted digi-folder type of package. It had a pocket with all of the album covers and liner notes on it, and then had a full sized flap that covered the entire pocket with artwork. It looked super sharp, and was a ton of work but it was all completely worth it.

Stained With The Blood Of An Empire LP
SHG 09
Released June 2007

This was a real turning point for the label. Battlefields had originally contacted me about releasing their debut CD, which I was totally down for. Their singer, Rusty, had been in Dispensing Of False Halos as well as Eclipse Of Eden, two bands that I absolutely loved. Battlefields was a radically different style of music than those two bands, but that was a moot point. I was thrilled just to be a part of all of this. After some deliberation, we decided that Init Records would release the CD, and I would handle the LP. This was my first journey into the vinyl world, so I wanted to make it as memorable as I could. We all decided that it would be a translucent yellow record with a red splatter pattern, to match the album cover art. Josh Graham from Red Sparrows designed everything and he made the LP art a bit different from the CD. We also added a fifth track that was only to be released on the LP. In classic Saw Her Ghost fashion, we stamped the inside of each jacket and hand-numbered each one out of the 500 we had made. It was an exquisite looking package and we were all very excited about it.

Today I Wait
Already Dead In Their Eyes CD
SHG 10
Released March 2007

Today I Wait was another band that I had always wanted to work with but was pretty certain that I might not get that chance. But the opportunity arose and we all decided that it would be best to co-release it with Friction Records, which is exactly what I did. The arrangements for the Battlefields LP were made well before the Today I Wait CD, so I gave Battlefields the SHG 09 catalog number, even though the TIW CD came out first. Things like that always have a way of happening to me. TIW singer, Jason, did all of the artwork and layout and it looked great. This was also the last recording of the band’s that their original bassist, Bart, appeared on. Bart had just been recruited to join Detroit’s The Black Dahlia Murder, and understandably did so. The CD represented quite a span of time for TIW, as many of the songs had been performed live for the previous couple years. But it was all worthwhile as they produced their heaviest and most crafted piece of work to date.

Saw Her Ghost Records
Sampler Volume 3 CD
Released May 2007

It was high time for a new sampler. We had a lot of new projects in the works and needed to get them a little exposure. One of those was my first venture into vinyl, a beautiful 12 inch LP by Battlefields. We also had new stuff by Beast In The Field, Brothers, and Today I Wait. It was an exciting time in the label’s history. Jamie designed this sampler, and it looked amazing. He designed it as a four panel front and four panel back fold out poster. The outside is shown here, but what you can’t see is my favorite part. On the inside is a giant collage of posed, live, and candid photos of all of the SHG bands and various members of the bands, including myself. In large letters in the middle of it all it just says ‘Welcome To The Saw Her Ghost Family’. It was a great idea and really represents everything we are about. After all, we’re just one great big family of friends who likes to have a great time. This sampler had an unreleased gem as well- a track by Last Carousel On Earth, another wild and extremely dark project by Jordan of Beast In The Field and And The Sky Went Red. This one isn’t a totally lost gem, as it might yet see the light of day- some day.

Lorelei CDR
SHG 08
Released February 2007

Lorelei was the first project that formed from the defunct Two Stars Burning Sun. Dave, who played bass in Two Stars sold his gear and bought a new drum kit. Tim continued to play guitar, thankfully. The Kalamazoo four piece was relatively similar to Two Stars, but definitely had their own nuances. I was able to be at their first show at the Corner Bar in Kalamazoo, and they were great. Dave of course thought it stunk and that he was horrible, but that’s just Dave. The guys wanted me to release their four song CDEP, and I was excited because although it was pretty short, coming in at just over 9 minutes, it was really really great. Things were chugging along fairly smoothly and then relatively quickly, the guys decided to throw in the towel. The CD wasn’t out yet, and the guys felt bad about me funding the project. I could care less about that aspect of it, but we collectively decided to release a CDR. Now if I’m going to make a CDR an official release, I’m going to make it sweet. The band gave me full control, so I decided to make hand made wooden boxes that I painted by hand for each CD. Dave later joked that a wooden box is a good thing to bury a dead band in. They each had unique colors with a unique design, and were hand numbered of 50. I also included some live photos and a hand made insert as well. They really looked good and were fun to make. Those 50 sold out and I made 50 more with hand-painted sleeves. It’s really a shame that they were around for less than a year, but they should be proud of what they left behind.

The Nain Rouge
Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night CDEP
SHG 07
Released February 2006

Like a few other SHG bands, I first saw The Nain Rouge at the record store where I used to work. That was one of the best shows I’ve ever seen- Two Stars Burning Sun, The Nain Rouge, and Today I Wait. The place was packed and rightfully so. I was blown away by The Nain Rouge- they were really something else. They would play at the store fairly often and I would drive down to Detroit or Grand Rapids every once in a while to see them, and we got to know each other fairly well. They had released a three-way split with the aforementioned bands and a full length CD on Friction Records, and frankly I was always a but jealous that I never got the opportunity to be involved. But I was patient and they were recording six new tunes. I was beyond excited when they told me they were interested in releasing this new EP with me. They demoed the whole EP and even those rough recordings gave me chills. I even got in on the artwork this time. Jamie from And The Sky Went Red created the art and layout. We took the back photo ourselves in my shower- its a shot of me choking our friend Jaylene and it really creeped me out. She has since passed away and we all miss her very much. The CD looked sharp and the recording turned out well. Releasing this CD was an honor for me, and represented everything that I love about running this label- great friends creating great art and music.

Indrid Indrid CDEP
SHG 06
Released December 2005

I first met Indrid at a show in their hometown of Muskegon, Michigan in May of 2005. They were really weird musically, but in a great way of course. It was an off kilter conglomerate of Botch, Coalesce, and electric guitar based semi-free jazz with occasional haunting female vocals. They handed me their recording to check out at the Friction/Saw Her Ghost Fest in June- I attended a few shows of theirs in the following months and by December the CD was out. We had a CD release show back in their stomping grounds of Muskegon, and had a great time with our good friends The Nain Rouge, If He Dies He Dies, and And The Sky Went Red. This is one of the very few releases on the label that pretty much went off without a hitch. Its strange to discuss a release that I’ve done without wild stories of nearly missed deadlines, defective products, or cancelled shows- but Indrid’s CD release really went smoothly. I suppose that makes for a boring bio, but at the time, it was a much needed success story! Indrid’s follow up was the one I was really waiting for- I had a feeling that all of the seeds had been planted on this EP and they were due for real explosion. The band called it quits before they could release anything else and this became their only piece of official recorded history. Post-EP Indrid seemed to only exist for a blink of an eye, but their debut and only recording is a great work of post-hardcore weirdness, and I was said to see them go.

And The Sky Went Red / Signs Of Collapse
Split CDEP
SHG 05
Released November 2005

This split CDEP was in the works since the And The Sky Went Red & Signs Of Collapse Summer Tour of 2004. After booking quite a few shows for each other and hitting the pavement together for a couple weeks, it seemed natural to do release together. Both bands had been writing new and very different material. And The Sky Went Red had become a hardcore missile, refining their sound into a dense and compact blast, while Signs Of Collapse were dabbling in more epic and abstract styles. Both bands were taking longer than planned to get their portions completed, but there came a point when I think both bands were done and wondering why it was taking so long for the other to finish. This thing was so far beyond any previously defined release date that we didn’t even bother booking a release show. Jamie from ATSWR did the artwork and layout which were fantastic. To sharpen it up even more, we decided to have it pressed on a clear edged fan-disc. It was a great idea, but nothing in Saw Her Ghost World can go smoothly. I remember the CDs arriving on a Friday afternoon. I was so excited, as I am for every release. I took the discs out, checked them over and popped one in the CD player. Everything was great until halfway through the last song, SOC’s cover of Alice In Chains’ ‘Them Bones’. It just stopped- no skipping, it just stopped. I cchecked it on about five other CD players and it was the same. So I called the plant so they could test their archived copy and theirs stopped as well. The plant had cut too far in when making the fan-disc and lopped off the last half of the last song, resulting in 1000 duds. To the plant’s credit, I had 1000 corrected CDs on my doorstep Tuesday morning. The project was nearly 18 months in the making, what’s another three days right?

Saw Her Ghost Records
Sampler Volume 2 CD
Released July 2005

I had only released one CD since the first sampler, but things were really happening and we all deemed it necessary to showcase some of the upcoming releases. There were new bands and even the existing ones all had new material. I had really been getting into John Coltrane and Pharoah Sanders at the time and wanted to do a layout for the sampler that had some historical flare to it. I decided to go with the classic Impulse Records feel. We even adorned the cover with a black and white shot of Flight Of The Jesus Dog. I really felt like I was releasing some pretty awesome stuff and it seemed like the existing bands on the label were really branching out, changing their sound, and pushing themselves. I named the sampler ‘The New Wave of Hardcore’. I always wondered whose decision it was to name the Ornette Coleman album The Shape Of Jazz To Come- was it him or the record company? Who knows, but I figured it was pretty bold either way. In comparison and retrospect, I think that me naming a 300 copy CDR sampler of relatively unknown metal and hardcore label ‘The New Wave Of Hardcore’ is pretty hysterical. Who knows, maybe in ten or twenty years I’ll feel differently. It’ll be even funnier! Like Volume 1, this sampler featured some things that never saw the light of day. Signs of Collapse had demoed an entire album and to this day it has never been released. The project with Comrade Kilkin never came to fruition either, joining the ranks of the slated release by New York’s Save Your Breath. 5 for 8. I may be ironically bold, but I never said I was a prophet.

Flight Of The Jesus Dog
Untitled CD
SHG 04
Released March 2005

Jordan from And The Sky Went Red (and now Beast In The Field) kept sliding these demos over to me- CDs filled with huge riffs and mammoth grooves at an insane speed- and no vocals, or bass for that matter. It was just pure Cryptopsy and Pig Destroyer style death metal- guitar and maniacal drums. He claimed it was just a side thing, just a little something or other that he did in his spare time. The more those demos became fleshed out, the more I wanted to release a record. So we decided to make it official. Austin (And The Sky Went Red) and our friend Chris were going to share vocal duties, with Jordan recording two guitar parts and drums. Jordan was living in Milwaukee that summer, so he would record a batch of tunes and drop it in the mail for Austin and Chris to study and put vocals to. After months of cross state mailing, the CD was done and we scheduled a CD release show with Cryptopsy at the Shelter in Detroit. There was a period of time after the show was booked but before we got the CDs back from the plant, when the plant informed us that the master CD had failed and we’d have to send another. Luckily I had burned off a copy before sending it in because Jordan had erased everything from his Korg to make room for some And The Sky Went Red recordings. We were all pretty scared there for a minute! But we shipped off another copy and in true Saw Her Ghost fashion, the CDs arrived at my house 45 minutes before I had to leave for the show. My friend Tara was in town visiting from North Carolina and was forced to attend the show with me, but recanted at the end of the night “I never knew metal guys could be so nice”. The CD went on to become the most heavily lauded Saw Her Ghost release in the catalog.

Saw Her Ghost Records
Sampler Volume 1 CD
Released July 2004

Somehow, some way- just four months after my first release- I was headed off to Elizabeth, New Jersey to table at Hellfest, the foremost hardcore fest in the country, maybe the world. It was pretty daunting, humbling, and damn exciting at the same time. I did feel super unprepared, so I figured I had better come up with some sort of promotional tactic to make the business aspect of the trip worthwhile. Thus, the first Saw Her Ghost Sampler was born. Pretty original huh? I figured free music was the best we had to offer. I didn’t have a CD burner at the time, so I was sneaking into CMU’s new library and burning CDs whenever I could spare some time. I had also miscounted somewhere along the line and ended up with many more CDs than inserts. I took 300 with me and blew through those in the first day of this three day event. So I improvised and ducked over to the tattoo station to make black and white copies of one of the inserts while none of the artists were looking. I ended up moving around 450 copies of the sampler in three days, which I deemed a giant success. This sampler also contains some great unreleased music. The two And The Sky Went Red songs have never been featured anywhere else- an original version of ‘Last Summer I Staged A Knife Fight’, as well as the never-at-all released ‘Heavy Metal Madness’. Ann Arbor, Michigan’s Eliott Drozd was also featured, with two songs that do not appear anywhere else. Who knew the first sampler would become such a collector’s item? Right?

Signs Of Collapse Weep For The Lives Your Wishes Never Led CD
SHG 03
Released April 2004

Signs Of Collapse was one of those amazing surprises that you sometimes unintentionally see at a show. I went to see my friends And The Sky Went Red and when I walked in, SOC was on stage absolutely flipping out. They sounded massive, were super tight, and were flailing around like animals- I loved it. I talked with them a bit, but it was the following time I saw them when it really hit me that they were really something special. I met with them about doing a CD and things worked out nicely. The artwork and layout were done by Dave Kloc, who went on to be in Idol And The Whip and Supercontinent. We booked a CD release show with minimal time to get the discs done. Thankfully, the CDs arrived two days before the release show at the I-Rock in Detroit. Signs Of Collapse’s performance that night is still one of my favorite of any band, any time, that I’ve ever seen. A few weeks later, I went on my first tour with SOC and And The Sky Went Red, and we had the time of our lives.

Two Stars Burning Sun
The Depression Diet CD
SHG 01
Released July 2004

Two Stars Burning Sun played their first ever show at the record store where I worked. It was incredible, as was every show that followed there. Every time they played in town, it was a real event and everyone made a point to be there. I grew pretty close to these three guys over the first year of their existence, and I knew I wanted to work with them in some capacity. They were ultimately my biggest inspiration for starting the label. This being the case, I never thought they would actually ever release anything with me- I figured I had just missed the boat. Then, out of the blue, Dave called me one night to inform me that after three years, the band was calling it quits. The silver lining was that he wanted me to release their swan song CD, their only full length work. I was just about moved to tears. The CD booklet was designed to look like an old photo album, so I took the liberty of making the first 200 copies into actual jewel case sized leather bound photo albums. They turned out fantastic, and I unveiled them at Hellfest. No one knew who the hell they were or who I was, but all that mattered was that I was being showcased at the nation’s premier hardcore festival armed with a piece of music and a package that I made with my own hands, and couldn’t have been prouder of. We later released a jewel case version the following summer at the Friction/Saw Her Ghost Fest.

And The Sky Went Red
Drowning In Despair CDEP
SHG 02
Released March 2004

This CDEP was the first thing that I ever released on the label. I was working at a record store and got to know Jamie from ATSWR pretty well from him shopping there over the previous five years or so. Another friend of mine had just taken over on vocals for ATSWR and they had just recorded a four song EP. After I told Jamie that I was considering starting a record label, he asked me if I’d be interested in releasing it, and I did. It was uncharted territory for both entities, but it worked out really well and was the beginning of a great friendship for all of us. We decided to make 300 copies of the CDEP, all hand-numbered. It was really exciting to finally get off the ground. A couple tours and a million local shows later, the CDs sold out and we closed the first chapter.

Thanks Friends.

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