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Bummer CD
SHG 38


Saw Her Ghost Records is thrilled to welcome Rocky Top shoegaze brooders, Lacing. Their album Bummer is a sweeping, swirling series of waves- complete with dark hooks and trembling discordance. Ethereal, floating vocals compliment icy clean guitar lines that shift to fuzzy distortion. Their path ultimately descends into riffs the size of gritty, mammoth castle walls. At once, delicate, and in due time after, a unique heaviness shrouds all that was built before it. Blue, moody, uneasy, yet simultaneously comforting and redemptive- Let Bummer transport you to another emotional dimension, or it may just burrow down and bury you where you lie.

1. Wound (4:06)
2. Summer (4:07)
3. Shoulder (4:34)
4. Drain (7:12)
5. Starless (7:55)
6. _ (5:26)
7. Milk (5:22)

Gloom Pride CD
SHG 36


Flint, Michigan’s SWEAT doesn’t merely hint at residing in the shadows of the human experience, the band immerses the listener in every shade of darkness, seen and unseen. Jagged, towering riffs form the framework that is blanketed in gorgeous, haunting melodies. Infinite layers of twisting and swerving waves articulately emote uniquely complex stories. Pounding and trance-like guitar rhythms give way to frantic and almost unhinged bursts of raw and visceral screams, both literal and figurative. From open wounds to layered scars, Gloom Pride transforms an array of colors to black, and back again.

1. Kelvin 101 (4:09)
2. Mantra (4:05)
3. Bend (2:06)
4. First Stone (5:17)
5. Sores (5:49)
6. A Cutter’s Rapport (2:46)
7. Poly (5:37)
8. Vaseline (2:44)
9. Soot (3:16)
10. Shoulder (4:04)
11. Hoax (4:34)
12. Vows (3:53)
13. Algorithm (7:24)

Sun Myth
A.M. Sky CD
SHG 35


Having played together in one form or another for almost 30 years, Sun Myth draws from late 1960’s to mid 1970’s progressive, improvisational and psychedelic bands like Peter Green, Can, and Steamhammer, and jazz influences like Coltrane and Miles. Armed with electric guitars, bass, and drums, the guys create some pretty intense rhythms, while paving a path for King Crimson-esque solos. Forgoing vocals, Sun Myth let the music do the talking as well as the walking. Their debut CD, A.M. Sky, features nearly 80 minutes of mind melting/time warping sonic adventures.

1. Sun (6:05)
2. Talon (9:05)
3. A.M. Sky (6:53)
4. Osun Ife (9:45)
5. Living Space (8:14)
6. Antimatter (4:43)
7. Sun Drops (6:45)
8. Atraga (6:42)
9. Mercury (7:11)
10. Ayler (5:01)
11. Kemti Nobles (7:44)

Beast In The Field
The Astral Path
To Satan’s Throne
SHG 33


Finally, a live album that sounds great! Beast In The Field recorded ‘Astral Path…’ live in studio at WIDR in Kalamazoo, Michigan. We had no idea it would turn into this, a fantastic sounding live show, accompanied by an exquisite 12 page comic about the adventures of the Beast. The CD and comic come in a DVD case so we could make the comic that much bigger. It was illustrated by Decibel Magazine/Metal Hammer illustrator Mark Rudolph, and we couldn’t be more thrilled. If you’ve never seen Beast live, this might be the closest you’ll get to the electricity of seeing them in person.

1. Hollow Horn (7:11)
2. Altar Made Of Red Earth (7:20)
3. Waken Tanka (5:14)
4. The Destroying Angel (7:02)
5. Deep In The Caves (9:18)
6. Through The Fires In All Of Hell (7:33)

Beast In The Field
The Sacred Above
The Sacred Below
SHG 32


Welcome to Riff City: Population 2. Come for the storm. Stay for the ruins. We dare you to survive the wrath and wreckage of this 70+ minute hellride into oblivion. Recorded, once again, live to tape- never has the sonic prowess and sheer brute strength of Beast In The Field been captured the way it has here. Check out a track in the Beast In The Field band page. Prepare for total devastation.

1. Great Watcher Of The Sky (0:28)
2. Hollow Horn (7:12)
3. Altar Made Of Red Earth (7:15)
4. Waken Tanka (5:22)
5. There Once Were Mountains Of Ice (7:06)
6. The Great Spirit Of Light (0:46)
7. Oncoming Avalanche (22:15)
8. The Sacred Above The Sacred Below (11:53)
9. Covered By Clouds Eaten By Snakes (9:14)

Touch Of North America
Touch Of North America CD
SHG 29


Detroit’s TOUCH OF NORTH AMERICA brings the rock/punk/hardcore, ’90’s style. This trio features members of other Motor City stalwarts No Man and The Summer Pledge. They take the blueprint of their other bands, chop it in three and hit the gas. Fast and screamy bursts prevail, but not without a thick undercurrent of fantastic songwriting. The self titled debut CD is full of gritty and gnarly hooks with a razor’s edge. Any fan of Husker Du, Nirvana, The Men, and The Melvins will see the intensity and genius of this recording.

1. Rank (1:18)
2. Nark (2:13)
3. Dems (1:36)
4. Paid (2:17)
5. Away (1:49)
6. Nekst (1:41)
7. Suede (1:41)
8. Gasm (2:16)
9. Pear (1:09)
10. Niet (3:07)

Nurse Ratched
Nurse Ratched CD
SHG 28


Like the ex-Mayor of their hometown, Motown, Nurse Ratched poisons the well with as much grime and disgust as they can. Absurd, violent, fantastical, and sometimes socially aware lyrics make way for a grind/riff/grime sound that’ll turn your head, turn your stomach, and get you groovin’ in about a 60 second span. Imagine if Carcass went fishing, caught some Sex Pistols, and gutted them over a pile of blood soaked National Inquirer magazines, with Watain blaring on the garage stereo.

1. Blood In The Snow (2:00)
2. Medication Time (1:49)
3. Lemon Lyme Disease (0:45)
4. Rockbiter (2:45)
5. Pyroclastic Death/Parasite Feast (2:45)
6. Vomiting Shards Of Jesus (1:44)
7. Men Of Pause (1:04)
8. Cymbalta (1:51)
9. Joan Jett Travolta (0:41)
10. In Memory Of Omar Adams (0:57)
11. Chinese Quality Standards Are Equivalent To… (1:50)

Lost Coves
Bookends CDEP
SHG 27


Brooklyn’s Lost Coves explore the unexplored even further on their second offering. Picking up where they left off with their debut, the duo spaces out even further, but not without beefing up the rhythm and booze- stoner rock for the stoned astronaut! The recording is incredible, and LC deliver the goods with 3 new tracks that clock in at around 20 minutes.

1. Bookends (7:32)
2. When You Say It Like That (7:12)
3. Heading North (4:09)

Beast In The Field
Lucifer, Bearer Of Light CD
SHG 26


Beast In The Field’s follow up album to World Ending is even more evil and filthy than anyone could imagine. 5 tracks clock in at 40 minutes to deliver a completely disgusting and disturbing collection of stoner grit and terror. Recorded entirely on analog tape, it’s brand new and yet ancient as the hills.

1. Chapter IV: Black Earth Liver (12:23)
2. Prevalence Of Ritual (7:27)
3. The Destroying Angel (7:48)
4. Hymn Of The Sacred LIght (6:09)
5. Through The Fires In All Of Hell (7:33)

Mean Mother
Rock N Roll Shakedown CD

SHG 25


Detroit Rock City is alive and well with the sophomore release from Mean Mother. Equal parts stoner and biker rock, the fearsome foursome embark on a rip-roaring riff-athon of epic rock proportions. Those who like their jams raunchy, sleazy, and heavy as fuck will devour this nine song juggernaut. For fans of bikes, beer, and broads- chase your booze with motor oil and rock the fuck out! Not for the weak.

1. Rock N Roll Shakedown (3:19)
2. Kill For The Thrill (5:55)
3. Easy Livin’ (2:43)
4. Strange Appetite (6:08)
5. Freedom Wheelin’ (5:04)
6. You Don’t Have The Right (4:06)
7. The Hustler (3:53)
8. N.H. (5:38)
9. Paint The Town Red (5:29)

Lost Coves
Lost Coves CDEP

SHG 24


Lost Coves comes to us from Brooklyn, New York. Not the typical SHG fare, we welcome the bass and drums duo with open arms. While LC are certainly heavy, they rock in a much more psychedelic and unpredictable way. Easily fitting in on the Touch & Go roster of the late ’90’s, or opening for Mogwai or Sunny Day, the guys take the road less traveled and are better for it. Features Bil from The Nain Rouge!

1. Orig (2:55)
2. Red Mascara (4:00)
3. Deadweight (3:52)
4. Iceburg/Firebird (5:07)
5. Lost Cove (4:04)
6. Hitmaker/Coda (7:22)

Beast In The Field
World Ending CD

SHG 23


Beast In The Field’s World Ending sounds like just that- your world violently crashing down in a hellacious storm of apocalyptic measures. Seven tracks clock in at 66 minutes and 60 seconds of gritty, sprawling stoner doom. These subterranean anthems crawl, creep, pound and groove relentlessly. One part psychedelia, one part rock, World Ending is all parts evil and crushing. Nostradamus never told us that the apocalypse would be recorded live to two-inch tape. This is the masterpiece you’ve been living to die for.

1. Invoke The King Of Hell (6:49)
2. Beast In The Field (13:07)
3. Sermon Of The Black Order (3:09)
4. Burning Times (9:22)
5. Hallucinations From A Silver File (15:45)
6. No Hope On Earth (9:03)
7. Your Gods Have Died (9:44)

Hellas Mounds
New Heaven New Earth CDEP

SHG 21


Phoenix, Arizona’s Hellas Mounds returns in stealth, subtle, and dark fashion. This revamped 6-piece ensemble has melted down the chunky riffs from their last offering into a mysterious and liquid sound that is equal parts psychedelic and personal. The Eagles wrote about a ‘dark desert highway’, but never dared to venture this far into their own psyche. Overflowing with character, these shadowed stories of sound shine a dim yet telling light on the darkened corners of your imagination. You could cut the tension with a knife- a very sharp knife.

1. Passage I (0:53)
2. Movement I (4:19)
3. Movement II (10:02)
4. Passage II (1:50)
5. Movement III (12:10)

Tragedy CDEP

SHG 20


Grand Rapids, Michigan’s Hardcore veterans return with the CDEP version of their new record. Brothers yet again delivers a blistering and dense punch to the face, with 5 new tunes brought to you on a clear edged fan-disc! Mostly keeping with their melodic and colorful twist on traditional hardcore, the Bros take a bit more of a no-nonsense, no fluff approach to getting the job done. Positive Hardcore, as always!

1. Tragedy (2:10)
2. Peace Over Power (1:18)
3. Party Time!! (0:37)
4. All Equal (2:08)
5. Relentless (2:31)

The Nain Rouge
The Self Defeatist CD

SHG 19


Detroit’s murderous foursome called it quits on Halloween of 2008 but THE NAIN ROUGE recorded their swan song album and are finally ready to uncage the beast. Unanimously their finest and most accomplished work to date, TNR have created a truly heavy masterpiece. Being of the most cruel and bastardized concoction of Botch-like mathematics, Mastodon-esque riffage, and Isis-ish atmospherics, it’s almost a shame to name drop as these dudes indeed breathed their own clear air into a stuffy genre and authored a sound both indescribable and original. They will be missed, but you can enjoy their last and best work yet! CD digi-wallet is hand screened with art by Tim from TNR. Mastered by Scott Hull to ensure complete devastation!

1. Lovitz (2:29)
2. Saying Goodbye (4:00)
3. (I Am The..) Forgotten Sun (4:09)
4. Slowly Dying In Arizona (4:07)
5. Salvia Divinorum (2:51)
6. (We Are A…) Collapsing Star (4:58)
7. The Storm (5:51)
8. Distraction (2:35)
9. Gemini (5:37)

Beast In The Field
Lechuguilla CD

SHG 18


Michigan Stoner-Doom kings get Sleep-y in their nearly 40 minute one-piece sprawl of psychedelic thunder. Their sophomore slab is a wild ride for any fan of Earth, Electric Wizard, High On Fire, and Mono. This expansive swath of green was recorded on an analog console, live, in one take in the studio- the way it was, the way it should be.

1. Condenada Suerte (1:33)
2. Mira El Sol (2:20)
3. Dry, Dead End Passages (6:34)
4. Lake Of Blue Giants (3:58)
5. Castrovalva (9:41)
6. The Emperor’s Throne Room (13:29)

Vaalbara CD

SHG 17


Ann Arbor, Michigan’s ambient doom super-group features ex-members of The Black Dahlia Murder, but one should expect the likes of Isis, Baroness, and Crowbar. Mastered by Scott Hull, this mammoth work is riff heavy and wide as the land mass it was named after. This release features 5 different album covers, all hand-numbered of 200 copies!

1. Nebula (3:06)
2. Earthrise (7:31)
3. Lakes Of Iron (10:40)
4. Cataclysms (7:11)
5. Rain Gives Rise (3:09)
6. In Rust (8:06)
7. The Monolith (10:50)
8. Impact Winter (8:55)
9. Epoch (3:43)

Trendshitter CDEP

SHG 16


The debut offering from Michigan’s death and thrash masters! Consisting of 6 tracks/ 28 minutes of instrumental riffage of the gnarliest brand, this trio checked the vocals at the door- and all for the better! It’s a relentless barrage of the thrashiest riffs an ’80’s metalhead could dream of. Metallica, eat your heart out! For fans of Carcass, Slayer, Testament, and The Fucking Champs.

1. Unnatural Disaster (3:52)
2. The Grand Inquisitor (4:16)
3. March Of The Skeleton Army (4:27)
4. Castle Crusher (5:10)
5. Servant Of The Outer Dark (5:13)
6. Salted Earth (5:32)

Empires / Hellas Mounds
Split CD

SHG 15


Two bands, a thousand miles apart, seeing eye to eye to bring you a powerful recording. Minneapolis’ Empires offers two tracks spanning 17 minutes- any fan of Pelican, Paradise Lost, and old Katatonia will appreciate. Arizona’s Hellas Mounds brings a single 17 minute monster running the gamut from rustic acoustic guitar to an all out sonic storm. For fans of Mogwai, Godspeed You Black Emperor, and Isis.

1. Unease From Up North (6:53
2. Perpetual Downpour (10:13)
3. How Shall Thy Kingdom Stand? (17:53)

Across Tundras
Western Sky Ride CD

SHG 14


Denver is the appropriate setting for this Western-tinged doom masterpiece. In a Black Sabbath meets Neil Young salvo, Across Tundras successfully transcribe traditional Americana into a modern doom rock language that will be understood by any heavy music fan. Not convinced yet? Scott Hull mastered it, solid as an oak. Features ex-members of Examination Of The…

1. Carrion Crow (8:39)
2. Thunderclap Stomp (7:56)
3. Low The Daystar Hangs (8:57)
4. Badlands Blues (Dyin’ Days) (8:13)
5. Follow Me To The San Luis (3:50)
6. Song Of The Sullen Plains (8:21)
7. Run With The Wolves (6:22)
8. Two Black Clouds (8:23)
9. Gallows Pole (8:13)

Beast In The Field
Goat Isle Seance CD

SHG 13


Did someone just put on the new Kyuss record? This Michigan doom duo resurrects the ghosts of the desert fathers, as well as Sleep, High on Fire, and Electric Wizard. The most ripping and driving 45 minutes Michigan has heard since the Great Lakes were formed! The cover is brown and gold, but the sound is all Orange and Green!

1. Deep In The Caves (5:29)
2. Breath Of The… (6:10)
3. Discovered: Large Iron Core (9:03)
4. Upon The Herd (7:43)
5. Moth Amigo (3:52)
6. Goat Isle Seance (12:22)

Black Friday CD

SHG 12


Michigan hardcore has a new Champion in Brothers. Featuring ex-members of Comeback Kid and Two Stars Burning Sun, this Grand Rapids quintet plays passionate positive hardcore on their debut full length CD. Traditional HC played with unusual melody, without losing one ounce of tenacity and edge.

1. Beginnings (0:19)
2. War At Home (2:20)
3. Trapped (2:37)
4. Black Friday (1:52)
5. Day One (2:39)
6. So Sincere (3:09)
7. Never Again (2:10)
8. Strength In Numbers (2:22)
9. Hand Of Judgement (1:02)
10. The Destroyer (3:29)
11. Is Anyone Listening? (2:47)

Through Trial & Tribulation Comes Triumph CD

SHG 11


The debut full length CD from these Minneapolis ice-breakers. Empires play huge ambient doom in the vein of Pelican, yet convey the wintery darkness of old Paradise Lost and Katatonia. 6 tracks span 44 minutes in this broad swath of dense frost- a psych-riff chill out for any great stoner!

1. Mourning The Arrival Of The Sun (6:29)
2. Climbing Towards The Infinite (6:57)
3. Sickly Brown Sky (6:06)
4. Patience In The Tide (7:39)
5. Our Mother (7:57)
6. Through Trial & Tribulation Comes Triumph (9:01)

The Nain Rouge
Whatever Helps You Sleep At Night CDEP

SHG 07


Resurrecting and perfecting a sound that came and went with bands like Botch, Coalesce, and Deadguy, combined with the technicality and heaviness of early Mastodon, the atmospherics of Isis, and the grittiness that comes from living and playing in Detroit, the Nain Rouge are the very definition of heavy music.

1. Napoleon Complex (2:31)
2. Epiphany (3:03)
3. Zeitgeist (2:50)
4. Tire Tracks In Reverse (3:57)
5. Target Malpractice (3:35)
6. The Ocean Inside (4:29)

Indrid CDEP

SHG 06


Running the gamut of rhythms and influences, this totally unclassifiable Michigan quintet is difficult to pin down but easy to embrace. Somewhere in the universe of Botch and Coalesce resides Indrid, a rigid, yet slightly experimental conglomeration of mathematics and soulful trances, balanced by tortured screams and haunted singing. 5 tracks of heavy weirdness!

1. Heart Shaped Compass (4:06)
2. Turrets And Trenches (3:36)
3. Let’s Play A Game Of Telephone (2:56)
4. Slowed Down English Ambulance (4:12)
5. Setting Fire To Street Signs (3:48)

And The Sky Went Red / Signs Of Collapse
Split CDEP

SHG 05


Two Michigan metal-core bands at their peak. ATSWR brings the short and sweet punch while SOC play it out more gruff and epic. For fans of A Life Once Lost, Burnt By The Sun, Between The Buried And Me, and The Red Chord. CDEP comes on a clear edged fan disc!

1. Please Be Proportionate And Like To Dance (2:03)
2. It’s OK, I Like Corey Feldman Too (3:37)
3. Last Summer I Staged A Knife Fight (3:55)
4. We Eat Pieces Of Shit Like You For Breakfast (6:33)
5. Messiah’s Passion Fanfair #4 For Tubas And Flute (3:50)
6. Them Bones (2:24)

Flight Of The Jesus Dog
Untitled CD

SHG 04


FOTJD come grinding through the metal gates at breakneck speed. Blending blinding blast beats with serious groove, this trio has created a masterpiece of artful yet focused terror. Fans of Pig Destoyer, Nasum, and Cryptopsy will be floored by this violent and offensive creation. Murder in the Midwest!

1. Track 1 (1:24)
2. Track 2 (1:14)
3. Track 3 (1:43)
4. Track 4 (2:18)
5. Track 5 (1:25)
6. Track 6 (2:23)
7. Track 7 (2:40)
8. Track 8 (1:13)
9. Track 9 (1:09)
10. Track 10 (2:16)
11. Track 11 (1:47)
12. Track 12 (1:30)
13. Track 13 (1:54)

Signs Of Collapse
Weep For The Lives Your Wishes Never Led CD

SHG 03


Metal-core masters offer up their debut full length CD. This 45 minutes of Motown metal will destroy everything in its path. Fans of Between The Buried And Me, The Red Chord, and Burnt By The Sun will appreciate!

1. Intro (1:38)
2. And You Thought This Last Bullet Was For Me? (3:30)
3. Electronic Music Is For Drug Addicts And Hippies (3:39)
4. The Dashboard Watched Us Like That Candle From Beauty And The Beast (5:39)
5. The Last Leg Of A Disease (4:38)
6. Don’t Smile While You Play Because It’s Really Pissing Me Off (5:12)
7. No Less Than 3.14159265… (3:48)
8. The Gavel That You Hold So Dear Has Nailed Its Last Nail (14:51)

Two Stars Burning Sun
The Depression Diet CD

SHG 01


Kalamazoo, Michigan’s Two Stars Burning Sun were pioneers in the scene. Combining the intensity and passion of Engine Down, Serotonin, Saetia, and You & I, TSBS pushed themselves, and inspired many others. This is their swan song release, 40 minutes of their absolute best!

1. Connection/Separation (4:15)
2. One With You (3:34)
3. The Greatest Winter (2:50)
4. Before (0:50)
5. Waternoose (3:52)
6. Twilight Mile (5:15)
7. During (0:58)
8. Kid In Play (3:00)
9. Seeds To Grow (4:37)
10. The Depression Diet (4:15)
11. After (1:07)

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