SWEAT ‘Gloom Pride’ CD is out now!

Posted By admin on August 10, 2017

Hello friends!
We are thrilled to announce the official release of Sweat Gloom Pride CD! This gem was well worth the wait, and we’ll be celebrating tonight, Friday, August 11. If you’re in the Detroit area, come on down to the Trumbullplex, show starts at 8pm and is a mere $6. If you can’t make it, pick up a copy here for $10 postage paid. This has been a joint effort between us and Antimagic Media, a fellow Detroit label. And if you haven’t had the pleasure of hearing Sweat yet, head over to their bandcamp page to take a listen. Thanks friends-
<3 SHG.

Gloom Pride CD
SHG 36


Flint, Michigan’s SWEAT doesn’t merely hint at residing in the shadows of the human experience, the band immerses the listener in every shade of darkness, seen and unseen. Jagged, towering riffs form the framework that is blanketed in gorgeous, haunting melodies. Infinite layers of twisting and swerving waves articulately emote uniquely complex stories. Pounding and trance-like guitar rhythms give way to frantic and almost unhinged bursts of raw and visceral screams, both literal and figurative. From open wounds to layered scars, Gloom Pride transforms an array of colors to black, and back again.

1. Kelvin 101 (4:09)
2. Mantra (4:05)
3. Bend (2:06)
4. First Stone (5:17)
5. Sores (5:49)
6. A Cutter’s Rapport (2:46)
7. Poly (5:37)
8. Vaseline (2:44)
9. Soot (3:16)
10. Shoulder (4:04)
11. Hoax (4:34)
12. Vows (3:53)
13. Algorithm (7:24)

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