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Posted By admin on June 30, 2014

Hello friends!
We are blowin’ this pop stand for the week. We’ll be back Monday, July 7 for business as usual. Feel free to order anytime from now until then, but just remember that your order will not ship until Monday, July 7. We appreciate all of your business, support, and love!
We have some projects that are nearing fruition, and we are getting super psyched. The Firebird Band 7″/CDEP, Sun Myth 2xLP, Temple Of Void LP, and the long awaited Beast In The Field live CD/COMIC BOOK are all in the last legs of the race. There will be tons of information regarding all of those in the next few weeks. It’s been all quiet on the Saw Her Ghost front, but that’s not going to last much longer. The second half of 2014 is going to be insanely busy and we cannot wait. Thanks friends!
<3 SHG.

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