admin | July 27, 2014

Hello Friends
Preorders for the Live CD/COMIC BOOK are done! Thanks for participating. If you didn’t get a chance, this will be available here at the website on August 12 for $12 postage paid. The CD, recorded at WIDR in Kalamazoo, Michigan, comes in a dvd case and is accompanied by a 12 [...]


admin | July 7, 2014

It’s here! Beast In The Field The Astral Path To Satan’s Throne LIVE CD & COMIC BOOK!
We assure you, it is worth the wait. Beast’s scorching set recorded at WIDR in Kalamazoo, Michigan captures the sizzle and electricity that they’re live shows always deliver. Perfectly accompanying this white-hot live recording is a [...]

Vacation’s all we ever wanted. So we got it.

admin | June 30, 2014

Hello friends!
We are blowin’ this pop stand for the week. We’ll be back Monday, July 7 for business as usual. Feel free to order anytime from now until then, but just remember that your order will not ship until Monday, July 7. We appreciate all of your business, support, and love!
We have [...]

SUN MYTH ‘A.M. Sky’ CD is available now!

admin | April 1, 2014

Hello friends!
The long awaited Sun Myth A.M. Sky CD is now available! Their band page is up as well, you can check out a track there. Their debut CD features nearly 80 minutes of unprecedented psych/prog avante grade rock. If Slint, Botch, and King Crimson collaborated to cover a John Coltrane record, [...]

Beast In The Field ‘Sacred’ 2xLP available now!

admin | March 7, 2014

Hello friends!
It’s finally here: Beast In The Field’s The Sacred Above The Sacred Below 2xLP, in all it’s double gatefold, translucent green glory! The entire first pressing is on green vinyl. Each package is a double gatefold jacket, and comes with an 8″ x 8″ stapled booklet, digital download card, poster, and stickers. [...]

Beast In The Field ‘Sacred’ 2xLP preorders have ended.

admin | February 4, 2014

Hello Friends.
Preorders for Beast In The Field The Sacred Above The Sacred Below 2xLP have ended. Thanks to all of you who have participated and to those who will soon. The records and jackets are almost done, and the shirts will be printed this week. This 2xLP package will be available soon [...]

BEAST ‘SACRED’ 2xLP Preorder ends Tuesday February 4!

admin | January 29, 2014

Dear friends- we are officially closing preorders for Beast In The Field The Sacred Above The Sacred Below 2xLP on Tuesday February 4. It’s real. So real.
For the next 6 days, you can choose from 6 different preorder packages featuring many combinations of vinyl, cds, exclusive shirts, and test presses. There are only 5 test [...]

Beast In The Field ‘Goat Isle Seance’ LP: a few left.

admin | January 15, 2014

Hi friends
We thought we were out of Beast In The Field’s Goat Isle Seance LP, but we found 10 copies in one of our many nooks and crannies here at HQ. Although, we will be out of this soon, there are some copies still for sale. We took down the PayPal button over [...]

Holiday Break + stuff

admin | December 28, 2013

Hey friends
SHG will be on much needed vacation from now until January 5. If you’ve placed an order in the past couple days, it will not ship until January 6. We are sorry if this bums anyone out, but we will be out of town for that time period. We appreciate your [...]

KONKEROR is now available!

admin | December 12, 2013

Hey friends
Konkeror The Abysmal Horizons LP is now available at the STORE. The first pressing consists of 300 copies, and all of them come on purple vinyl. The jacket includes a two sided insert, as well as a built in booklet with lyrics. Each package also comes with a digital download card. [...]