Hellmouth/Beast In The Field Split 7″/CDEP coming VERY soon!

admin | February 5, 2018

Hello friends
It’s true- it’s finally happening! Artwork is currently being finalized and a preorder for this long awaited monster is imminent. Multiple preorder packages will be available, with preorder exclusive shirts for both bands. A few vinyl color variants will be available as well. We’re stoked and we know you are too. Rest assured, we’ll [...]

Merry Christmas, Happy Whatever!

admin | December 25, 2017

Hello Friends.
We hope you and yours are enjoying some much needed good times today and throughout the rest of December and into 2018. We have some big things in store for the coming year and we’re hoping to get right to it.
As for now, our latest releases are available in the STORE: CDs by Sweat [...]

LACING ‘Bummer’ CD is available today!

admin | December 15, 2017

Hello friends.
Today is the day, Lacing’s SHG debut CD, Bummer, is available right now. This ethereal beauty will soothe you and scathe you. Head over to the STORE and see what its all about.


admin | December 12, 2017

Hello Friends.
We asked some friends, colleagues and all around rad people what was on their current playlists. Instead of reading countless lists of the same 2017 releases, we wanted to know what people we are into, are into at the moment regardless of release date, genre, whatever. The list is in the column at the [...]

Thanks Friends

admin | November 28, 2017

Hi there.
Big thanks to those who participated in our Black Friday giveaway, we love you and love that you love us, and you rule. We hope you got some enjoyment out of the free tunes!
Next up is Lacing’s SHG debut CD, Bummer. This magnificent sounding and gorgeous looking album will be available shortly before [...]

SHG welcomes Tennessee’s LACING

admin | November 15, 2017

Hello Friends
Saw Her Ghost Records is thrilled to welcome Rocky Top shoegaze brooders, Lacing. Their album Bummer is a sweeping, swirling series of waves- complete with dark hooks and trembling discordance. Ethereal, floating vocals compliment icy clean guitar lines that shift to fuzzy distortion. Their path ultimately descends into riffs the size of gritty, [...]


admin | November 11, 2017

Hi Friends.
We added a couple 7-inches to the test press sale. As of now, you can grab test pressings by Beast In The Field, Konkeror, Antique Scream, and Brothers. Just click on STORE, then VINYL. All proceeds go toward upcoming SHG releases!


admin | November 9, 2017

Hi Friends-
We just posted some Test Pressings for sale in the Vinyl section of the Store. All of the revenue from these will go to upcoming SHG releases. Check ‘em out!
Love, SHG.

SWEAT ‘Gloom Pride’ CD is out now!

admin | August 10, 2017

Hello friends!
We are thrilled to announce the official release of Sweat Gloom Pride CD! This gem was well worth the wait, and we’ll be celebrating tonight, Friday, August 11. If you’re in the Detroit area, come on down to the Trumbullplex, show starts at 8pm and is a mere $6. If you can’t make [...]

SWEAT ‘Gloom Pride’ CD PREORDER has ended.

admin | June 26, 2017

Hello friends.
The preorder for Sweat Gloom Pride CD has ended. We’ll be cranking out those shirts and packing everything up for you in the next week or so. The official release date for the album is August 11. If you’re in the Detroit area then, help us kick this off by coming [...]